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12 PhD positions in Hydro-Meteorological Risk Assessment

Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks – as Analyzed by a New Generation of European Scientists The Marie Curie Initial Training Network “CHANGES” started on January 14th 2011 with a kick-off meeting at the ITC, Enschede – the Netherlands. The project will last until December 2014. 12 PhD positions are available with the partners. More information you find in the attachment – or on the site

Please distribute this announcement within your own network. If you know eligible candidates, let them apply for the position of choice as indicated in the document. Deadline for applications is 1 April 2011 – unless otherwise indicated. The CHANGES network will develop an advanced understanding of how global changes, related to environmental and climate change as well as to socio-economical change, will affect the temporal and spatial patterns of hydro-meteorological hazards and associated risks in Europe. The network will focus on how these changes can be assessed, modelled, and incorporated in sustainable risk management strategies, with emphasis on spatial planning, emergency preparedness and risk communication.

More Information: [PDF] CHANGES 12 ESR vacancy announcements


From: Hoang Minh Hien
Date: 2011/2/19
Subject: FWD: 12 PhD positions in Hydro-Meteorological Risk Assessment


Subject:     12 PhD positions in Hydro-Meteorological Risk Assessment
Date:     Fri, 18 Feb 2011 09:22:13 -0600


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