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Seminar: Plasma-assisted deposition of anti-microbial Ti-Cu films for hip implants (Viet Nam)


(Institute of Physics’s Seminar)

Người thuyết trình (Speaker):

TS. Đỗ Hoàng Tùng
TT Vật lý Kỹ Thuật- Viện Vật lý
(Institute of Physics)

Tiêu đề (Title):

Plasma-assisted deposition of anti-microbial Ti-Cu films for hip implants
Thời gian (Time table):
10h, Thứ 6, ngày 21 tháng 1 năm 2011

Địa điểm (Location)
Phòng họp tầng 1 Viện Vật lý số 10 Đào Tấn, Hà Nội


Plasma medicine – a brand new hot topic in plasma physcis aims to biological and medical applications. There are 3 main research dirrections: biological decontamination, therapeutical application and surface modification. The first one devotes to plasma sterilization of heat sensitive medical instruments, the second concentrates on the healing effect of plasma, while the last one targets on produce biocompatible surfaces for implantation and cell cultivation. On the dirrection of surface modification for medical application we use dual-HiPIMS method to prepare Ti-Cu films which provide high biocompatibility, good cellular adhesion of osteoblasts and antimicrobial properties with Cu released from the film as the antimicrobial agent.

Kính mời các cán bộ nghiên cứu quan tâm tới dự!
(All those interested are cordially invited to attend!)

Doan Ha Thang
Viện Vật lý, Hà Nội